Wearing Glasses – From A Real Glasses Wearer

The Positives And Negatives Of Wearing Glasses

So I have previously written about wearing glasses, but I have decided to do it again, I wrote that post a long time ago, and my blogging has got a little better since then!
(And the post did quite well, so why not make it better?)

I also, of course, still wear my glasses everyday, so it is something that is important to me, and something I experience everyday.

I love wearing glasses, and in fact, I think I look weird without them now! Although contact lenses are good for special occasions or going on holiday (no one wants tan lines on your face..).

So here is an easy to read list, of the pros and cons of wearing glasses.

The alternative of course to wearing glasses, is wearing contact lenses, so there are some comparisons thrown into the mix too.

It can be highly frustrating wearing glasses at times, especially when I even need to put them on to go to the toilet! but I love wearing glasses, its fun, and I can see!

So Here We Go
(I tried to find my glasses online for you but they are all out of stock, but I am wearing Karl Lagerfeld Glasses )

What is wearing glasses really like? Read this post and find out how an everyday glasses wearer copes! Wearing-glasses.

Why Wearing Glasses Is Great

  • You can see, major bonus, better than not being able to see, right?
  • You can get loads of pretty frames, they can look super stylish, sometimes you can get them on special offers, so you can get multiple pairs for a cheaper price!
  • TIP – Try new style or shape each time, this way you can find what really suits your facial shape, get someone to take a photo of you so you can see how that looks too, or ask someone who works there, my Mum didn’t agree with my glasses, but I liked them and the lady in the shop did too.
  • Easier to wear than contact lenses. WAY EASIER. Sometimes you can’t feel them in your eyes, other times you feel like your eyes are literally going to fall out…
  • Bad make up/eyebrow day? Don’t even worry about it, if you wear big glasses like me, you can hid it and get away with it.
  • Wearing Glasses makes you look smart, clever, sophisticated. Wear your glasses to exams or job interviews, you will look studious I promise (even if on the inside you aren’t very clever, its fine, at least you look the part).
  • FUN FUN FUN. You can buy all kinds of cases or storage systems, who doesn’t like cool cases, or stands for your glasses, there are some really cute ones out there!

Instant Genius Glasses Case – This is the case I have – And I love it!

  • Compliments and more compliments. A lot of people wish they could wear glasses, for some reason… i dont know why you would want to have bad eyesight but anyway.
    So you will get the occasional “I like your glasses, they suit you”, or “You look so smart today” or “They are cute and different..”.
  • Wearing glasses is so easy and comfortable, whereas contact lenses can be a pain to put in and take out.
  • You dont get itchy, or watery eyes when wearing glasses, like you do with contacts.
  • You can take a nap whenever, you dont need to worry about having a contact lens solution, you can just take off your glasses and close your eyes. (And not wake up with them burning, or feeling like a miracle has happened and you can see again).
  • If you drop your glasses on the floor, you will be able to find, them, drop a contact lens however, and its gone, forever, until you stand on it a few days later and hear it crunch.
  • Prescription glasses are more suited to your eyesight than contact lenses.

Why Wearing Glasses Is Annoying

  • Rain is the worst thing ever, actually anything that falls from the sky is just awful. Your glasses act as a shield, so therefore, everything lands on them, and makes them dirty. Meaning you constantly have to clean them.
  • Children think it is really fun to take off your glasses, or put their fingers all over them, also meaning you need to clean them, or stay away from children..
  • If you need to wear them all the time, then I mean all the time. Even going to the toilet, and in the bath sometimes too..
  • It can be hard to create a hairstyle that looks okay with your style of glasses, if you have big ones like me, then you can just look like a head with glasses, especially if you tie your hair up. (A reason why I cut a fringe in!)
  • Shadow is created whenever the lighting is bad, so dont worry about that eyeshadow you spent ages doing, nobody is really going to see it properly.
  • When the lighting is ridiculous, sometimes you can get a glare in your glasses, making you feel even more blind, and driving is also annoying when the sun is out, you cant put sunglasses over the top!
  • People asking to try on your glasses, then saying “wow you’re so blind” – thanks, or worse, if you have a small head like me, they stretch them.
  • When you get new glasses, they rub behind your ears for what seems like forever.
  • Forgetting you are wearing glasses and trying to lie down.
    Forgetting you are wearing glasses and trying to look closely out of a window and hitting your glasses, because you forget how big they are.
  • Getting your hair stuck in the hinges. Ouch.
  • Being over protective, flinching when someone comes near your face.
  • When you take of your glasses, people are surprised how different you look. Of course I look different, I don’t have two circles covering my face.
  • When you take a picture, without a doubt there will be some reflection on there, its okay though, you get used to it. #glassesprobs
  • When you drink tea, your glasses steam up.
  • When you open the dishwasher, your glasses steam up.
  • When you transition from cold weather, to a warm building, your glasses steam up – I think you understand – basically, they steam up, a lot.


Asking someone who doesn’t wear glasses what they think a negative would be.

“You can’t fricken see without them..” – Sean M

Thank you for reading!

I have tried to make it different from the last time,
comment below if you have anything else you would like to add!

Charlotte xx

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