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What Has Been Happening This Week

I have decided to do a weekly update from lottie things for you this late Sunday evening, for two reasons.. I feel like i need to write down what has been going on, as this is a lifestyle blog, and that makes sense. Also because i have been surprisingly busy this week, and i have not got a post lined up for today. I am actually writing this post and then hitting publish.

I feel really rubbish and bad when i miss a posting day.

It is okay not to post on schedule, it really is.. No matter how many times someone will tell you that it is the most important thing in blogging.

Don’t listen.

You can make your own rules.

No one is going to be watching your blog at the same time everyday and expecting a post to appear, they just aren’t, and if they are, well, i am not saying anything..

Read why you should do a weekly update t understand what you have learnt, and achieved.

So Here Is My Weekly Update!

I am trying really hard here, because in all honesty, i cannot remember what i have done most days this week.

It has just gone so unbelievably fast, and its weird!

I have been at work everyday this week, all day, like every week.

Understandably i find it quite hard to mix blogging and work, so i appologise for my lack of posting, and my lack of pretty much everything to do with blogging, i promise i am still totally committed, i just need to find the time! (And learn how to plan)…

A weekly update can help you in many ways, you don’t need to blog it, but reviewing how your week has gone, can help you strive for a better week!

You can recognise what you have done, and how you could have done it differently, i wouldn’t say regret anything, because there is no point in regretting, but lets just say, you can take some time to learn from your mistakes!

What I Have Learnt From My Weekly Update


This whole blogging malarkey is a whole lot harder than i initially thought.

Of course i knew it was going to be hard, but when you work full time, it is pretty fricken hard. I feel for all of you who are also holding up a successful blog, whilst working full time (is it possible) If you are, please please comment below or message me and help me out!

I understand that i am still learning, and i am only young.

I mean this from every aspect of life. From being a 20 year old and having to grow up now, and being a blogger and realising i have only just started all this.
I have learnt that i need to not stress out about things that are not worth it, for example, not posting when i usually do, or spending money on things that are important, like saving my car from dying.

I have learnt that i cannot drink a lot of alcohol, and that tequila is the devil.

Just dont do it kids, its not fun, and its even less fun the next day. I have never been someone who can drink, so i don’t understand why i get a little carried away, i mean, i am quite good at reaching and knowing my limit now. But tequila just throws that all away. One shot guys, one shot of tequila… Never again.

I should spend my money if i want to.

I hate shopping because i hate spending my money, this means my wardrobe is really limited, and i never have anything to wear. During my weekly update i have began to realise that i work my butt of to spend money on things that i want, not necessarily need, but its nice to have nice things sometimes, and treat yo’self.

Make time for others.

I am someone who if i cannot be bothered, then i just wont bother. This means meeting people, socialising, going out, blah blah blah. I am always just thinking about chilling out, or doing nothing, and not doing something if it it involved spending money.
BUT i have learnt that people are fun! (Not everyone, i am not a massive lover of all the people in the world. I mean, there are some nasty humans out there).
You should make time for your friends, make time for people you love. Spend a little money on some food and just talk. Its so incredibly good for you to just talk it all out, with someone who you dont usually moan at!


So there you have it, my weekly update.
I feel quite accomplished now!
I highly recommend you start reviewing your week, and realising how well you have done!

Thank you for reading,

Charlotte xx

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