What To Achieve In April – Monthly Goals For Yourself And I

Personal Goals – April Edition

We all need personal goals to help us achieve and get through each day.
It also helps us to learn something new, about ourselves, or life.
So set yourself some monthly goals on what you want to achieve and track your progress!

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Salut, Ciao…  – And welcome to tonight’s post of what to achieve in April!
I have decided to try and write a post each month on goals that I personally think will help you and I out in whatever way you want to look at it. You may think that this is a load of poo and it might be, but I think we should all try to have our own personal goals to make ourselves a better human.

I also think its nice to have something to work towards, rather than living each day the same, boooorrrrinnngggg.

So here is a little list on the goals that I am setting this month, and why I have chosen them. I know I have ended up doing six points AGAIN, I always try to do five because that’s a nice number, but I always end up adding one more before posting.. Maybe six is a magic number for me ooooh.

Personal Goals, Goals, Goals. 

1) Be A Better Blogger –

The first of the all important personal goals. So I understand that not all of you blog, but if you do, then this is a kind of obvious one. I haven’t been very good recently, short posts, rubbish pictures, blah. So I think it is a good idea to set myself this goal! Although this is quite widespread, it could mean a number of things.. I mean being a better blogger as in writing better posts, being more committed, planning, and scheduling posts, and I want see results from it.

2) Sort Out The Wardrobe –

My selection of clothing is extremely rubbish at the moment, I am making it one of my goals, this way I might actually do it… I never buy new clothes, so the clothes I have are 100 years old.. slight exaggeration. So my aim is to clear out all the things I dont wear anymore, sending those to charity, and buying new clothes to wear. My drawers are also a mess, I am digging to find a pair of pants and socks in the morning, oh dear. This is probably one of my personal goals every month.
It is good for us to have a good old spring clean, it clears your mind, and helps you get ready quicker in the morning, and gives you a more pleasant environment! So clean your room basically, so your parents can stop nagging.

3) Drive Less –

A monthly goal that should probably last all year… I drive everywhere, I drive to work, to the shop, in fact I drive when I should probably walk.. Driving less will help the earth and my purse! I wont need to buy petrol as much and as often. It is also healthier to walk more, of course. The weather is also getting a little bit nicer here in the UK, so why not? If you drive less and walk everywhere already, well done! You are keeping the earth green (I think).

4) Chill Out –

I am a major stress head, if there is something to be stressed about, I am the one doing it. So I think we all should try to de-stress and chill out a little bit more. Its not fun to stress, so why do we do it?! I wish I knew the answer, maybe Sean wouldn’t dread every outing with me then. Chilling out should be in everyone’s list of personal goals.
Some ways you can take a chill pill are (please don’t actually take any pills, you can do this without..)

  • Have a nice hot bath, throw in some bubbles and a bath bomb, put on a face mask, and light some candles.
  • Listen to music, close your eyes, and wrap up in a cosy blanket!
  • Burn incense – Immediate stress relief!
  • Read a book.
  • Go for a walk to clear your stressy head.
  • Take some deep breaths, and count forwards to 10 then backwards, and repeat until you have calmed the hell down.
  • Sleep more, honestly, go to bed earlier if you are a moody bum. Being over tired does not help – believe me!
  • Plan your trips, this way you know exactly where you are going and what you need to do.

There are hundreds more, but those are the most helpful!

5) Work out –

Right so this is an important goal for everyone, but I am going to mexico this year, and you may also be going on holiday, and I/we need to make sure that we have our beach bodies ready, however and whatever that might be, remember the girls in the magazines and the adverts dont really look like that… So please set your own standards and goals on what you personally thing is the perfect body…
I’ve been slacking, no squats, no crunches.. I only have a couple of months left before I go. So get up in the morning and stretch, touch your toes, do your squats, and that’s a start. I plan to have this goal for every month, well, it is important! If we sit on our bums all day, then we are not beach body ready!

6) Eat More –

This goal may not be important for you, but it is for me. I am someone who is rubbish at eating, and you may be too. This might be because you cannot be bothered, or you dont want to eat, or you have some other problems going on, I hear you. But, its not fun when you start to feel ill! There are tons of things that taste better than skinny feels, sorry Kate Moss, you are wrong! Who doesn’t love a bowl of strawberries and cream? Or mint ice cream!!! Oooooh veggie pizza.. (My personal fave not so good foods…)So if you need to eat more to get better, and have a healthier life, then do so. I am not saying you need to eat chips and burgers all day to gain weight, just eat little meals more often, and stay healthy!


Thank you for reading! I hope you are setting yourself some goals for this month, and hopefully the rest of the year! Comment below if you have any goals you have set.

Have A Lovely Day

If you are bored of life at the moment, then why not set yourself some goals. In this post you will find 6 personal goals that will help you change for the better. Get fit, save the earth, be happy, chill out.

– Charlotte x

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