Why I Became A Vegetarian – From Someone Still Learning

Why I Am A Vegetarian, An Insight 

I am writing this post for anyone who wonders why I chose this lifestyle of being a vegetarian, and for anyone who is considering it.

I decided to become a full time-ish vegetarian (I still eat fish) at the beginning of this year. For a couple of years I have struggled and been on and off with the idea, but this year I made up my mind.

I am not the most committed nor am I the most experienced at how to be a vegetarian. There are still days where I think I want to eat meat, or that I need to because everyone else is telling me too. Many of you reading this will have felt this way too.
Perseverance is key, I always think about why I chose this way of life.

I do still eat fish, I struggle with keeping my weight up and eating, so I eat fish in order to get these nutrients, I think if I didn’t eat fish, I wouldn’t know what else I eat, when I am struggling to cook, and I think it would be harder for others to cook for me.  I am not ready to stop eating it, and I am unsure if I ever will, but this is fine, because I am not the only one who feels this way.
To clarify, I do not eat any meat, or anything containing it. I do consider myself as a vegetarian.

The Reason Why I Chose To Be Vegetarian

I decided to become a vegetarian is due to all of the horrible videos of the reality of how these animals live and how they are killed.

This probably stems from having a lot of animals when I was younger, we did have chickens, and I can not bear the though of someone eating them.
My Mum does not eat meat for health purposes, so this may have also contributed.

I first watched a video whilst in school doing Health and Social care. As soon as I walked out of that room, I decided I didn’t want to eat it anymore, or be contributing to the killing of these animals, or supporting it by eating them. From then on, I have watched a lot of programs, the news, seen even more horrendous videos people share on social media, and this has confirmed my choice.

Vegetarian Diet

There are tons of things that vegetarians can eat. I always look on the internet, cook books, or on pinterest to find some ideas of what to have. I’m not about to tell you what you should be eating, it is up to you, you may like other foods than me, just make sure you are eating foods from all five food groups; (From the Vegetarian Society)

  • Fruit and vegetables; 5 or more portions daily. Frozen and dried fruit or vegetables, these are handy for smoothies or to keep for longer.
  • Bread, cereals and Potatoes; 5 portions daily. Whole unrefined cereals.
  • Milk, dairy and alternatives; 2-3 portions daily.
  • Sugar and Fat; 0-3 portions daily. Already in foods we may eat.
  • Protein rich foods; 2-3 portions daily. Pulses, nuts, eggs, seeds, soya, tofu, Quorn and Wheat protein.

I eat a loads of eggs to get protein, it is important to get lots of protein as you aren’t eating any meat, which was probably your main source of protein before.Drink milk to get some calcium, or eat Greek yogurt. Try to eat fruit and vegetables everyday, I have salad most days, with dressing, and tuna. Also make sure I eat more now than what I did before.

I will eat right before I go to bed now too, whereas before I had a thing about not eating after seven o’clock. – This is probably why I lost a lot of weight.
Drink lots of tea, healthy tea that contains all the right stuff for your body. A whole lot of green and peppermint tea.
Cheese is something I eat a lot of, I could eat a whole chunk of it! Also I try to eat a lot of different nuts and seeds, they each contain different things your body needs, protein, vitamins, fiber, just try them out…

The Difficulties Of Being A Veggie 

Of course there are difficulties! There always is. The main ones I face are;
– Having to cook a different meal when everyone else has meat in theirs.
– Not knowing what to eat.
– Feeling ill if I haven’t been eating properly and getting the right nutrients and vitamins, worrying about what I will eat that day.
– Missing the foods I used to eat before, I love chilli con carne, but now Quorn meat is so good, you can barely tell the difference.
– Constantly being asked why I chose this, and how they couldn’t give up meat. I will never try to tell anyone else what to eat, if you want to eat meat that is fine. I just wont be.

Taking Vitamins To Improve Health

I take vitamins, just to make sure that my body is healthy and getting what it needs to work!
I have taken lots of different ones, but for now, all I take is the Centrum for women, a multivitamin, and I also take an Omega fish oil vitamin.

They are easy to take, you must take them with food, otherwise you would probably get a stomach ache. Taking vitamins makes me feel better in myself as I know I am getting what I need.

How To Stay Healthy Veggie

To stay healthy I make sure that I have three meals a day, and snack all day in between.
I drink lots of water. To make sure I stay hydrated.
At home I exercise, I have my own little routine to stay flexible and toned. Also I attend a ballet class to help with my posture and strength.
Be positive and happy.

Why I Will Not Go Vegan

This is 100% my opinion that I am sure others do not agree with. I will not go vegan, because it would not be a healthy lifestyle choice for ME. It might be for you, but I believe that I would be very unhealthy if I chose this lifestyle. I think that it takes up a lot a lot of time and preparation that I cannot of possibly do. So that is all, I don’t think there is much else to say, other than those of you who are vegan, I am proud of you for choosing this life, and doing so well at it, I could never do the same.

Read this post if you want to find out more about being a vegetarian, from someone who is just starting.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed, or learnt something new.

Charlotte xxx

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